Maintenance and guarantee of Sonacoustic® acoustic plaster

For periodic maintenance of Sonacoustic® acoustic plaster, here are some essential guidelines.

  • Contamination by dust, spider web and such like can easily be removed with the aid of a vacuum cleaner
or with a soft brush and at low power, so that the surface is not damaged during this treatment.
  • The frequency of maintenance depends on the degree of pollution and the use of space.
  • Sonacoustic® is antistatic. This means that dust and dirt deposition will normally be minimal.
However, air flows must be avoided which constantly blow dirt and dust against the ceiling,
e.g. by air conditioning or rising air above radiators.

  • Local damage, large or small, which also arises for whatever reason, can also be repaired by us locally.
For older installations, a small color difference may possibly occur. For smaller rooms, the rest (undamaged part)
of the ceiling can be sprayed thin with new Sonaplaster Finish in order to obtain a total unit of color.

  • In the case of extreme contamination such as nicotine or grease deposits from Sonacoustic® ceiling,
the surface can be renewed / refurbished by lightly sanding the dirty ceiling surface and then applying a new top layer.
  • Under certain circumstances and depending on the degree of contamination, the ceiling surface can be
sprayed with our Sonacolor®, a water-based paint product, while maintaining the acoustic values.
  • Asona-Asia is at your disposal for advice in such situations.


  • Asona-Asia guarantees the adhesion of Sonacoustic® construction on a healthy and dry building surface.
  • The guarantee also applies to the sound-absorbing effect of Sonacoustic® ceiling, subject to the fact that the ceiling surface
has not undergone any further non-expert treatment by third parties.
  • These guarantees apply for the duration of 5 years after delivery.
  • Guarantees are only valid when all invoices for delivery and installation of Sonacoustic® construction have been fully met.